V Guard Storage Geyser – Pebble (Metallica & Non-Metallica)


6 Ltrs – 313.5 x 293 – 5 Star Rating

10 Ltrs – 353 x 332 – 5 Star Rating

15 Ltrs – 384 x 356 – 5 Star Rating

25 Ltrs – 468.5 x 386 – 5 Star Rating

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Innovation at its aesthetic best

Bathrooms should be beautiful personal spaces for you to relax. Whatever accompanies you there, should be ergonomically & aesthetically designed so that it functions just the way you want it to. Welcome the hot new model from the V-Guard Water Heaters range i.e. the amazing Pebble. Available in the market in two variants called Pebble and Pebble Metallica, these enhanced water heaters come with a unique 0.3 cm (3 mm) thick coating, that has been created using an Engineered Polymer Anti Corrosion [EPAC] technology which separates the tank from any kind of water and resistance to rust, thus increasing the life span of the product. The Pebble series of water heaters provides interchangeable panels in 6 different colours, available in both metallic and non-metallic finishes. This feature has been introduced in order to suit the decor of various bathroom designs and allow you to customise it as per your aesthetic needs.With an ABS outer body, sacrificial anode and a superior quality Incoloy heating element with glass line coating for an extended life span, these water heaters are suitable for multi-storied buildings and can with-stand pressure up to 8 Kg/cm2. This product is ideal for hard water prone areas as well, making it an all-rounder.


  • Electric water heater with ABS outer body
  • Metallic finish front panel
  • Multi functional safety valve
  • Pressure pump/multi-storeyed building usage compatibility with 8kg/cm2 pressure withstanding
  • 5 star rating as per BEE standard
  • Adjustable capillary thermostat for temperature regulation
  • Vitreous enamel coated incoloy heating element for long life
  • Pebble Metallica series comes with a product warranty of 3 years and heating element warranty of 4 years and inner tank warranty of 8+2 years

Additional information


V Guard

Capacity (Ltrs)

006 Ltrs, 010 Ltrs, 015 Ltrs, 025 Ltrs




Vertical Wall Mounting

Max. Rated Pressure (bar)



2 kW


Ivory, White


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