About Us

The brand Saravana started on a humble note in 1984 as a small retail outlet for electrical products. A slow, yet, steadfast focus and progress … today the brand Saravana Electrical Enterprises is a part of a business conglomerate VSGroups India. Having its headquarters in Tiruchirapalli (Trichy) in South India, today VS Groups is an adorable patron of all leading brands of electrical products and every customer (be it a retail customer or dealer or retailer or institutions or architects or builders or electricians), Saravana stands tall as the preferred one-stop shop for all electrical products and is in synonymous with ethics, integrity and the friendly partner who had imbibed deeply the niche culture to understand and appreciate needs. At VSGroups India, relationships always precedes over all other factors of business. The journey of progress continues to grow with more humbleness, more focus and more customer delight.