FLAMEX FRLS (Flame Retardant Low Smoke)

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India’s 1st REACH and RoHS Compliant Cable | Flame Retardant Low Smoke Low Halogen.

  • REACH,CE,ROHS and CPR Compliant.
  • Anti-Rodent, Anti-Termite
  • 100% Electrolytic Copper
  • More than 101% Conductivity


Suitable for use in conduit and for fixed, protected installation particularly suitable for wiring in fire and explosion prone areas, chemical factories, densely wired areas, public buildings, schools, hospitals, commercial complexes, theatres, etc.

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Technical Data

Approvals : IS 694 marked, FIA/TAC
Voltage Grade : Up to and including 1100V
Conductor : Thin strands of electrolytic copper are multi-drawn for uniformity of resistance, dimension and flexibility
Insulation : Specially formulated flame retardant low smoke low halogen compound to restrict the spread of flames in fire situation. The smoke emitted by the burning cable is considerably low compared to traditional cables. This ensures improved visibility for evacuation of trapped victims and facilitates fire fighting operation.
Insulation Conformity : IS 5831 Type A/D FR-LSH 70°C
Colours : Entire cable has white base and a double strip of Green, Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Grey, running along the cable length
Marking : The cables are printed with the marking of ‘FLAMEX FR-LSH’
Packing : 90 mtr. coils packed in protective cartons

Cable Design Parameters

Kindly complete the part numbers for these cables by adding the suffix (in place of ‘xx’) for the colour required:
01 – green, 02 – black, 03 – red, 04 – blue, 05 – yellow, 06 – grey.

Part Number Nominal Cross Sectional Area(sq.mm) Nominal Insulation thickness (mm) Number *Nominal Dia. Of Strands Approx Overall Diameter (mm) Max. DC Conductor Resistance of 20°C (Ω/km) Current Rating (Amps)
Casing Concealed
01020101xx50 1 0.7 14/0.3 2.7 18.1 14 13
01020102xx50 1.5 0.7 22/0.3 3.0 12.1 18 16
01020103xx50 2.5 0.8 36/0.3 3.7 7.41 24 20
01020104xx50 4** 0.8 56/0.3 4.1 4.95 30 26

*Conductor as per IS 8130. **Insulation Type D as per IS 5831.


Test Test Method Values
Limited Oxygen Index IS 10810 P-58 >29%
Limited Temp. Index IS 10810 P-64 >250 °C
Smoke Density (Light Absorption) IS 13360 P – 6/Sec 9 < 60%
Acid Gas Generation IS 10810 P – 59 < 20%

Additional information


RR Kabel



Thickness ( Sq. mm )

1, 1.5, 2.5, 4


Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Red, Yellow

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